She wants me to sleep over?

I've been talking with this girl and we seem to be interested in one another. Anyway, yesterday she said she really did not want to sleep alone. I went over to sleep with her because she had a rough day. She made it clear nothing was going to happen last night.

So we talked for a while and we layed down next to one another. Later into the night I got closer to her and put my hand on her side. Later in the night when we were both mostly asleep, I must have moved my hand down and wrapped it around her. I felt like I could feel her pull my arm closer and hold my hand and play with my fingers. I think she even nudged my hand to her chest. Either way, I put my hand on her chest and she didn't move my hand.

Im 99% sure this is all a sign that she likes me and wants to be more than just friends. I just want opinions because I've been terrible at reading girls before.


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  • She could be interested in you, and just because nothing happened doesn't mean she's not. You sound like a good guy, if you're interested then be patient. No girl is just going to sleep beside any guy


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  • Dude she obviously hates you. Like seriously... your hand on her chest? That's tell tale sign she finds you repulsive... like ugggh.


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  • She could like you or she's just lonely and wants th fill a void with a cute guy.


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  • You are reading things exactly as I would.

  • cool story, bro. what's the question?

  • Ya, I'd make a move before your window closes

    • We've only him out like twice so I don't wanna rush it too much.

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    • I'm planning on taking her to the movies and a dinner date this weekend

    • That's good, but if your going to use that exact line, may want to wait until you're cuddling again

  • lol dude you should have started making out with her, don't listen to what she says but what she does and she was giving you all the green lights, I'm almost positive you could have banged.

    • She said nothing would happen and I'm not about to put a move on her when she explicitly said nothing would happen. I like her and don't wanna fuck it up by looking desperate or only want sex from her

    • She said that because she didn't want to feel like a slut. You were in bed with a woman who when you touched not only did she not flinch she actually moved your hand to an even more erogenous area, what else do you want her to do to get the point across? She wanted to sleep with you and was hoping you'd take the lead. I've been in the same exact situation twice before with two different girls and we banged. Just last week the same thing happened to one of my gf's friends, she brought a guy home and they didn't sleep together, she was pissed. Take it as a learning experience and listen to what she does and not what she says next time.

    • Normally I would have taken that que but she did it at like 4 am after we'd been asleep for a few hours. I don't know maybe I didn't get the exact hint but I'll be more aware next time

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