Why is this guy telling me that literally every guy I know is only trying to get in my pants?

Summary, I like him, he claims he doesn't and is only interested in being friends with benifits, meaning we hook up, but now we're in different states. But we are friends we talk about other stuff. Any time u mention any other guy who could possibly be interested in me he tells me no u think he actually likes u? Ha no he only wants to get in ur pants. Without ever meeting the guy or knowing anything about him?

Why does he keep saying that?
He also mentioned the fact that he's come visit me in the other state in in btw! Supposedly also only for 'sex' seems like he can't wait to do that yet... He can go find himself someone else who lives close. I don't get him?
Should that mean he likes me? Or not? Or what?


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What Guys Said 1

  • He probably thinks all other guys think the same way he does... And to be honest, he is probably mostly right.

    Most likely, most of the guys just want to bang, it is just that age.


What Girls Said 1

  • He possible is just jealous and he doesn't want you to sleep with anyone but him, so meeting new people may heighten the chances of you having chemistry with them and one thing will lead to another etc.


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