I am so stressed over this! All I did was tell him how I felt! & now he won't reply to any of my texts! Was I wrong in any kind of way to him?

So, for the record, me & this guy are NOT dating but we are like besties that have amazing chemistry & like eachother! I would say we are kinda like friends with benefits, but a little more than that! So, me & this guy got super close! We have been in the little "talking" stage for about 4 months! So we used to text all day everyday seriously like all the time! He recently got his phone back on (I paid for it to be turned back on bc I was tired of not talking to him & he quit his job so he didn't pay for it)! So anyway, he was soooo thankful that I got it back on for him! But for the last couple days he's been kind of distant & he told me why but that's another story lol! I totally understood his reason & he was glad I understood! So this morning he sent me a good morning text as usual & then we exchanged maybe four more texts & he just read my message & went MIA! So it was about 9 whole hours later, I texted him & asked him if he still wants me to come over tomorrow & he immediately replied & said "Ima let u know" & so I basically replied & told him that if he's gonna keep doing this thing where he goes MIA & barely contacts me throughout the day, then he needs to tell me bc I hate when he goes all these hours with no contact! Don't get me wrong, at least he sends me good morning texts & he did call me yesterday, we didn't text that much but he did call a few times, but I just told him I don't like when he goes all these hours without contacting me & he got mad & said that he never signed anything to talk to me all day everyday & we are not married or boyfriend & girlfriend & he said his life doesn't revolve around his phone & can he breathe & this & that! So I sent him a long long text explaining how I felt & he just read it!! I then sent question marks, he read it & then I sent goodnight with the the little annoyed looking emoji & he just read it!! I'm so stressed! I don't wanna loose our little thing we have going on, but this is stressful!
I REALLY hope I get my good morning text too :( I'm scared that he's so pissed at me for I guess seeming annoying or needy or all in his business that he won't send me my good morning texts lol! Y'all ugh please give advice. It's greatly appreciated! Thanks ladies & gents!


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  • You aren't dating, he has no obligation to tell you what his plans are or why he isn't contacting you, and he doesn't have to make you his priority. You sound very clingy and overly-attached to go to the trouble of paying for his phone (which by the way let's him no he can take advantage of your feelings and get you to buy things for him), and if you do want a relationship with him then be mature and have a conversation about defining what you are to each other (or what you want to be) and what expectations you have.

    • Thank u for your answer! But that was the whole point of my lengthy text to him! I was trying to let him know that I don't like him going hours & hours without replying to a text!! & he said he'd call me & didn't! Even though we aren't dating, we both like eachother & he even told me that he likes me more than I like him!! He JUST became this way ! We've been talking for about 4 months & the first like three months, we literally texted all day everyday, facetimed AND talked on the phone! & honestly if I wouldn't text back after a little while or if I didn't receive his text, he would double text me & everything & was always saying how he misses me & stuff! THATS why I'm wondering what's going on & may seem clingy (i am a little clingy lol) but that's why bc I'm so used to talking all day with him! He just started this! Even when he was super busy with school work & studying, he talked to me like all day! So I don't know why he's acting like this now!! & I really hope I get my morning text lol

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    • You have to have faith and trust that he really does appreciate your friendship as much as he says, and even if you give him a little space, he won't let the connection disappear. Try not to create an issue where there isn't one just because you feel a little insecure (which I totally understand), but just push away that stupid voice that says "hey, panic because he hasn't contacted you today", okay :)

    • Awww thank u!! You've been such a big help!!!

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  • i would be so upset.

    • You'd be upset with me?

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    • Maybe try not contacting him for a day two and see how he reacts. If he cares he will reach out to you.

    • Good idea! I thought about that! I even thought about, if he sends me my good morning text, I will read it & not reply & see what he does lol but I just hope I GET the good morning text bc I thin he was pretty annoyed with me

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