What do I do.. what is this now.. does he still have feelings for me? So confused Please help?

We have been hooking up for a year now.. It all started went we first hooked up & slept together after a night out a year ago. A month after he asked me out on a date over Christmas break and we then hung out again two days later. But at that point I was at school two hours away so we would just hook up and sleep together whenever we saw eachother. After I finished school I moved back and we still continued hooking up. Until one night he had made a rude comment so I refused to kiss him and he got mad and left. He thought that I "rejected him". We then didn't hook up for 3 months, until 2 months ago we hooked up again one night out. And a few weeks ago he got pretty jealous when I was on the phone with another guy, he said I was a mean girl when he was drunk.. We also hooked up last weekend ironically exactly one year from the first time we hooked up. I really did like spending time with him anf hanging out, and at this point Im really not okay with just hooking up with him randomly when I see him because I have feelings and dont want to get hurt in the end so I want to say something to him and either be something or move on. I guess I might I have acted like I don't care because I just didn't want to get hurt..

I've been bottling my feelings for so long now and I just can't take it anymore. Is it to late to tell him how i feel? I hate feeling like this and just want to know what he feels too, but I don't want to look like a fool professing my love, if he doesn't feel anything at all:(

I feel we do have something because everytime were together its magnetic, can't keep away from eachother and he's always trying to be next to me etc..


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  • You have to have a conversation about define the relationship, and what you want from him. If you don't communicate, you won't reach a solution.

    • After all this though, I just dont even know what I would say.. since were not anything,

    • You have to start the conversation, or you will never know, and clearly it's causing you anxiety to think about the whole situation, so take action and then at least you tried.

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