Guys, Why doesn't anyone want me?

I'm a single mom of 2, work full time, and I've had success with relationships before, until I got married, then divorced. I haven't had a successful relationship since then. I've been told a couple reasons why. 1:) I need to work out 2:) I have kids. Is the kid thing true? And what the hell is wrong with me?


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  • Can depend in your dovirve too. Why did it happen?

    • Because he was abusive. He's not involved in my kids lives, hasn't seen them in 4 years.

    • Not many men prefer to hookup with a married lady (with kids) when there are plenty of girls available. Secondly, if your body is not in a good shape, that can be a turn off for some people.

  • You already answered your question. "... until I got married, then divorced.", "kids...". Not you, just circumstances.

    • This guy and I have been off and on for the last 4 years. Unfortunately, when we started dating, he was married and never told me. So I broke up with him. Well he just got divorced as well, and he said recently that he doesn't want a relationship. I happen to be an admin of a group he's in on Facebook, I didn't know he was a member until tonight and his Facebook profile pic is of him and his new girlfriend. He stopped talking to me 3 weeks ago (he's notorious for disappearing) and he said that since he can't have kids, he doesn't like kids, they make him uncomfortable. So that's his reason is because I have kids.

    • It is not a problem to have kids. It is even a good thing. There is nothing wrong with you, you don't even have to feel bothered. There are good nice guys who are willing to be responsible enough to be with a good mature and sopisticated woman as yourself. Don't stress yourself. Relax.

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