Boyfriend and I not connecting?

Hi guys
boyfriend and I were doing great for a while (have been together for 4 years). I have been growing and maturing in this relationship a lot and I know that can be hard for him. I uses to be the very insecure type but lately I have been able to avoid negativity and fear by trusting him, keeping positive and focusing on bettering myself and doing things I enjoy. We had a fight two weeks ago about him hanging out with other girls on a boys trip. My insecurities made a surprise visit. We both apologized and the fight is now in the past. I admitted I was really in the wrong. He was distant after the fight and I have him some space. Things have improved now and I am working on myself some more. He's not super communicative so I just have to wait him out. I know he hates my insecurities and I am working hard on them. I feel a boy disconnected from him and think that maybe I've started our downfall. I chose him everyday but feel that we are just not connecting right now. Just looking for some advice. I don't want to push him away. We still say I love you and things are getting better.
How long should a guy be distant for?


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  • Maybe you guys should go on a trip and get to know one another again


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