Why does he always have to hold and kiss me?

we've been together for over a year and been living together for 9 months, he's constantly holding and kissing on me and just smothering me with it, it was totally cute as hell for the first like 4 months, but now it really gets on my nerves.. I mean I love when he kisses and holds me.. but when every2 seconds he's in my face shoving his tongue down my throat its like dude let me breath haha you'd think after a year and a half of doing this he'd get bored.. he ain't doing it because he wants sex.. he just does it and I don't know y.. how can I get him to not smother me?

iv told him 'omg let me breath' and pushed him back, but I played it off like I was joking and he didn't get the point and then I turned around and did it to him and asked isn't it kinda annoying lol and he said no it was sweet


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  • He likes you a lot.


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