Is it fate or a coincidence?

So, me and this guy I went to school with started talking. We talked every night for two weeks and meet up to hang out. We kissed and it was magnetic. We both knew there was something more like a connection that I've never felt before. I felt it in ever part of my body. Even though it was too soon to feel anything like that really and I think it kinda freaked us both out. So, we texted everyday afterwards. But, all I could do was think about him. Everything reminded me of him. One time I texted him and he texted at the same time. It was so strange at 11:09 exactly. We kinda started drifting apart though and I started telling myself to get over it! So, a friend asked me out to a bar one night. I drove there to meet him and when I got out of the car I noticed I parked next to the guy I had been talking to that Im telling y'all about. It was the weirdest thing because, I was only going there with this guy to get my mind off of him and it's almost like fate was staring me in the face.. We ended up hooking up that night and now he seems like confused and he posts stuff about trying to get his mind right..


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  • The texting thing is a fail - no emotion and zero body language so at least half of the communication is lost. And hence the confusion and misunderstanding.

    Either he wasn't really that interested or something just didn't click. But you showed up where he was with another guy and that would kind of put me off.

    Anyway, pursue them both and see what happens. Girls always have a backup plan anyway.


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  • Could be your soul mate :)


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