5 inches shoe lifts as an alternative to Leg Lengthening. What do you think?

I am a regular lifts-wearer. Standard lifts normally only give you extra 0.75"/ 2cm - 1.25" / 3cm on your height compared to normal shoes. A small difference, yet I can already feel the effect already. I feel closer to normal male size, I still can walk comfortably but I think I could use something higher to maximize its potential. So I did some research.

Its arrived! 5 1/2 to 6 inch Elevator shoes/boots for men!!!

5.2 Inches Taller - Height Increasing Elevator Shoes
5 inches shoe lifts as an alternative to Leg Lengthening. What do you think?
5 inches shoe lifts as an alternative to Leg Lengthening. What do you think?

I have a feeling it's wore by Robert Downey Jr.
5 inches shoe lifts as an alternative to Leg Lengthening. What do you think?
It's not gonna be as comfortable, I suspect it's not gonna give me 5" neither, but legit 3" would be good. With spiky hair, I can appear as a 5'10" guy that'd make me an ideal height man in western countries.

Shoe lifts is what I like to call "a temporary solution". Shoe lifts is inferior to Leg Lengthening. Unlike LL, the height you're on lifts won't be a part of who you are. You're still a short man disguised as a tall man. But most people, including myself just don't have the guts and money for it.

Ok, I stunted my height, things could have been perfect. But I made mistakes because I was stupid, life was difficult back then and my parents were not very supportive either. It cost me a couple of inches for life, it made me much shorter than my father. Now, it's time to continue my life, accept the consequences of my action and live with my mistakes. Keep hating on my parents won't do me any good.


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  • So what happens when the shoes come off? This is false advertising.

    • Why would they come off? Just tie tightly

    • When the time comes for you to take them off in front of a woman. She'll find out you've been lying. I also agree with what the others are saying, they literally look like heels.

    • That's the risk I have to take if I wear them, they might run away or they might not care (because they're drunk or already fancy me too much) and still have sex with me. The chance of it becoming a problem is lower if they're shorter than me.

      Or I am not wearing it and the risk is that women might not give me a chance at all.

      Anyway, I didn't say I am doing it for women, I am doing it for myself, to look more attractive.

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  • Yay ! Now we can be more fake :D


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  • Shoe lifts... hahahaha! Dude, you're wearing heels!

    • So are Robert Downey, Tom Cruise, etc

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    • I don't care for them, means I am not attracted to them.

    • I didn't ask about whether you're attracted to them or not.

  • Imma break it to you... these still look like heals, they cure oddly at the back. Accept yourself, get over your height. Any girl worth your salt will look past it anyway.

    • I am getting over it and finding a solution.

      What do you mean by "any girl worth my salt will look past it"?

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    • Who said I wanna be with her anyway? Probably I just wanna have sex with her

    • Well good for you then.

  • That's a terribly sad story.

    • What's so sad about it?

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    • No, darling, as attraction is subjective, there's no way to decide who is objectively right or wrong about matters pertaining to it.

    • There's a way. I am not talking about you, I am talking about general female population. The norm, not exception.

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