Guys, do you get put off when a girl decides to wait to have sex with you?

So I've been seeing a guy for the third time tonight and he cooked me dinner and we watched the Kevin hart show because he knows I like it. We made out, cuddled and he had a cheeky feel of the boobs but I left before things got too heated.
How long to wait out for sex? I wasn't ready tonight but will that just turn him off me?
How do I keep him interested without sleeping with him just yet?


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  • My friend's hate it when girl's make them wait for sex.
    But for me personally.. I wouldn't mind waiting for a year or 2.
    There's nothing wrong with having sex but I don't know for me I just find that girl's who rush into sex or girls that have plenty of sex with many guys are too easy to get and I wouldn't marry them. It depend's on the guy ay, every guy is different and you have to decide how long you want to hold out.

    I think as long as you let him touch you, be flirty, play with him etc then it's fine.


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  • No. Some guys will, but a relationship includes so much more than sex.

    I wouldn't have sex with someone I wasn't fully committed to. For me, it's a lot more than physical pleasure. It's like expressing love through the body, and I wouldn't give that to someone I didn't really care for. So yes, I'd be willing to wait. That said, I would not want a relationship with hardly any sex after we begin having it.

  • These are the only women i date. i have to know her for a long time.


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