Does that mean he wants to be with me?

When they broke up he didn't remove her from his bio or her pictures so I told my friends boyfriend which is close to him asking if they really were over and that night he told the guy and the guy removed her from his bio. And then last Friday I saw him at a party we hooked up but we also talked so it wasn't just hooking up the whole time. The whole night I was waiting for him to ask for my number or give me his number and he didn't then I told my friends boyfriend that I felt like he didn't want to get to know me since he didn't give me. Then on Monday my friends boyfriend texted me giving me his number


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  • From what you said it doesn't sound like he is interested in you at all, it seems when ever you tell your guy friend about something he goes and tells him or ask. if he really wanted to talk to you he would have asked for your number or gave you his.

    I think its best if you move on... maybe your close guy friend may like you and don't even know!

  • I don't think he does, he is probably trying to get over his girlfriend so didn't want the distraction of another girl...

    Did the guy give your friends boyfriend permission to give you his number?


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