Guys: What do his mixed signals mean?

I went on 6 dates with a guy I met online and we only got to the kissing step. 4th and 5th dates, i kissed him and then he kissed me respectively On the 6th date, when I tried to kiss him, he did kiss me back but he said "it's a school night." But then he reached over and touched my legs and slid his hand up my dress but I gently stopped his hand. We were in my car.

What does "it's a school night" mean? Did he want the kiss to end and if so, why then slide his hand up my leg? Then he continued texting me the next couple of days as usual but didn't ask me out. Was he no longer feeling the chemistry?


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  • he didn't get sex...

    • But then why say "it's a school night"? To me that means "I want to go home and stop hanging out and kissing you" And for some reason, I thought he was being shy and told him that and he told me that he is not shy!

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    • i think there are not many scenarios i haven't found myself in is all x

    • I guess I should always assume they want sex. I just thought he didn't feel any chemistry towards me and I didn't understand. I had to make the first move on the 4th date!! 4 date... that's ridiculous!!

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