Can someone please help me understand my feelings?

I live in a house of turmoil, im 23 and a student and i live with the two most dramatic people in the world. My mother of 50 and my sister of 28, they both are depressed and lazy, complainers dramatic yelling fighters who won't let go of eachother, i tried staying at home while going to school to save money but peace of mind is disrupted, i feel like im going insane. Whenever someone would pass me a room to a rent i said no because i didn't felt like it, i should take it but something inside makes me not do it and i stop doing it. I feel like im a t a dead end.


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  • Do you help out at home? Break up fights, do stuff around the house because they don't, etc? It could be because you feel obligated to stay home for certain reasons despite it being a chaotic environment for you.

    • no i think im just used to it so much

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    • I would try a friend rhen

    • Then*

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