What is an "easy girl"? Do guys lose interest if the girls have sex with them too early?

I live in a conservative country and this guy is from Europe. I know this guy for only three weeks, and he kissed me on the second date (last weekend). It's actully too fast for me but I kind of enjoy it. Now he asks if i would go to his place this weekend, which means we are going to have sex. I am not a virgin and I really want to have sex with him, but I am afraid that this is too fast that might causes him lose interest of me?

In my country, only couple have sex, otherwise it would be considered as play/casual, which i really don't want. I know it's different in western countries... so here is my question:

1. Is it too fast to have sex at the fourth date?
2. Does guy lose interest if a girl is easy to have sex with?
3. How to do if I don't want to be too easy but not make him feel be rejected?


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  • Just tell him how you feel, doesn't mean you guys can't mess around (Without having sex.)

    Im sure the dude will understand, just explain your background and culture and that its not that you aren't interested - you'd just feel much more at ease if you took it at a pace you were comfortable with.

    You need to inform him this, otherwise he's going to think its something he's done wrong if you pull away or act weird during sex.

    • Actually I want to have sex with him. And I know we are still getting familiar with each other so it's okay that we don't go steady for now. I am just afraid that if we have sex and still be like friends, and he still goes to party and find other girls? This is what I cannot accept. But I think westerners date/have sex with several people at the same time and that is quite often?

    • that is not how westerners do things, especially if you're both in a committed relationship.

      I think if you have sex now, then you're not really in any place to complain if he goes out and does things with other girls because you guys aren't official. You aren't boyfriend and girlfriend or anything.

      The thing is: "Actually I want to have sex with him. And I know we are still getting familiar with each other so it's okay that we don't go steady for now."

      I dont know what this means. If you say steady as in you're okay with not dating him, then that means you're okay with him screwing around with other girls. In western society, being in a relationship is when the commitment begins. just by having sex there isn't a mutual agreement that you both are now consentual and no one elses. That must be mutually agreed upon.

      Its not about being "an easy girl" you just have to express yourself or it will end up a friends-with-benefits, situation unless he asks you out first of course.

    • (well, most westerners anyway)

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  • Ask him his intentions and see if he's being truthful. Tell him you don't have casual sex.

    • May I know how to define truthful? Because I know westerner have sex when dating but that is not a serious relationship. In my country people have sex only when they are steady.
      I think this guy does want to know me more but doesn't mean he will be interested in me for very long time.

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    • When he kissed me he just said he wants to kiss me and he feels happy when being with me. I didn't ask him more but just be like his friend but we still kiss. I think we are just starting knowing each other but he just asked me if I would go to his place. I know he wants to have sex but I am sure he's not ready for a relationship. Maybe i have chance but definitely not now. I thought westerner are all like this? people have sex before getting in a relationship?

    • Some do, some don't. You need to decide for yourself. And just because he's inviting you to his place doesn't mean you are required to have sex. If you don't want sex tel him you'll go to his place but you are not having sex. if you want to have sex then do it but don't make any expectations that you'll ever hear from him again.

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What Guys Said 3

  • No, I don't lose in a girl if we have sex soon. I wanna fuck her a few more times.

    • And I think an easy girl is one that'll let you fuck on the first date/ you meet her at a party and fuck the same night.

  • Which country are you from?

  • You better have sex with him

    • May I know the reason? I do want to have sex with him just don't want to be too easy to get.

    • Your 37?

What Girls Said 1

  • No such thing as an easy girl in my point of view.


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