Do I get Christmas gifts for his family?

I've met his dad a bunch of times, his sister once, mom and brother I'm meeting on Thanksgiving. My boyfriend told me I didn't have to get them anything for Christmas but I feel obligated like it's the right thing to do. I'm just not sure what the proper thing to do is since I'm meeting these family members for the first time where I will actually having any sort of real interaction with them. I'm not sure what to do as far as Christmas goes. Please help! Do I or don't I? If yes then what because I know nothing about these people and my boyfriend is no help because he said it's not a big deal but I guess to me it is because I want to make a good impression not only so I look good but also for the holidays or something like that.


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  • AWE! YOU ARE A SWEETHEART! I mean such sweetheart! BIG sweety! awww....okay I'll stop! I think if you want you should. Maybe give everyone a candys with a homemade card! Saying something it was nice meeting and I enjoy spending time with you thanks from anon... lol

    • I like baking so what about a tin of home made cookies or should I just go to a local candy store and pick something up like bon bons for the ladies and assorted chocolates for the guys? But I don't think his dad eats many sweets lol so that may be a problem for him

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    • hahah! So your baking cookies! and making cards? Thats so sweet your boyfriend lucky to have you.

    • thanks mho

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  • You should. Will make everyone happy.

    • What do I get?

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    • I don't like wine but my boyfriend dill tell me his mom liked wine so I know nothing about it. What is a good kind that's is cheap but tastes good lol

    • Aha! You should look at the question I posted yesterday 😀 You can thank me later 😀

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  • You can get them like a family basket with treats and put their family name on it :) Not as expensive as it would be buying individually and its thoughtful

    • But they don't all live together and brother is married, mom has a girlfriend, dad is doing his own thing, sister is doing her own thing so that won't work so well

    • Doesn't all have to be expansive. Just treats and alcohol maybe.

  • Why not consider getting just small token gifts.. Certainly nothing elaborate or expensive.. Just something nice and simple.

    • Like what?

    • Good heaven's.. You're at least five to ten years older than me, and you have no idea? .. That's quite shameful to be honest.

      @Cmasterson has actually given you an excellent idea.. Or perhaps you could give them gift tokens, so they can get, or put it towards something they really want or need.

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