Virgin women, is it a big deal to date a non-virgin man?

  • I'm virgin and will only date another virgin
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  • I'm virgin but doesn't matter/ would be open to non virgin man
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  • Other
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  • If he's promiscuous or has been in the past then I will never embrace his whore dick into my virgin pussy.

    • dang this answer was harsh :/ but thanks for mho

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    • Sorry if I hurt any feelings to those whore penis owners :/

    • Might I note there's a huge range of dicks between virgins and promiscuous

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  • I absolutely will not date a man with a sexual history.

    • That's good you have a boyfriend then because you just limited your dating pool to almost nothing don't you think?

    • I'm sure. But here's the thing... that doesn't bother me lol I would be perfectly fine being alone. A relationship isn't the most important thing in my life. It's not a NEED to the point where I'd sacrifice my standards. A lot of people base their worth or happiness in whether or not they have a romantic partner. I don't.

  • I don't think it matter virgin or no virgin.


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