Moving to a new city you dont know vs staying with family?

What should i do? Choose me or choose family, maybe i am thinking it over too much but i doubting this decision for a very long time, i just dont know what to do? Should i start here, but the scene doesn't really appeal to me but my family is relocated here and familiar faces. Different city i have no one , no family and ill be moving for a ''change'' but maybe i am not going to like it... should i start slow? i AM SCARED i am missing out on life and a lot of fun,


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  • They would want you to be happy


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  • Moving across the state by myself at 19 to a city I knew no one in was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I could have gone to a university near where my family lives, but I wanted the adventure of starting fresh and somewhere unfamiliar and going to a college where I didn't know a soul. It was out of my comfort zone but I have no regrets. It made me a stronger person and definitely more independent. If you have a good reason or purpose for moving to a new city, I'd say go for it, and good luck!


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