Why waste my time?

Y every time a guy talk to a females and uses those cheap catch phrases that sometimes work and then later on into the relationship. His colors shows. Y waste my time?


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  • You should be learning something from each experience! Figure out what they aren't saying, not what they are saying. It's not a waste if you are enjoying the dating "game"... Just remember it's just a game, and you are NOT teammates, you are opponents! don't put your heart in it... Trust must be earned, not given, and they never let you meet the true them, give them time, and opportunity to show their true face before you trust their representative, not them. Be yourself as well! If you get bitchy on your period, he needs to experience that, this way you will know if he's going to think you're crazy and walk... Or think you're crazy and stay:)

    • Yeah I know from my experience. But I just wanted everybodies opinion about. I grew to be learn different things n at the the watch same time I watch others n wonder y. Plus learn other people's experience.

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