Guys, what does you want too much too soon really mean?

This guy I am NOT actually dating.. But am sleeping with is really starting to confuse me. He was intoxicated, and after falling back on his bed, raised his hand and blurted out some stuff. The only things I understood was something about a bro-mance (I'd teased him on a birthday post about a bro-mance when his friend wrote "I love you" to him). Also, (and this sentence was very clear, "you want too much too soon". He then said, "yeah, 1,2,3,4 yeah that's it" so I knew it was a list of 4 reasons... I'm guessing they were reasons we should stop seeing each other? But since the only clear sentence was; you want too much too soon, I need to know from you guys what his drunk mind was trying to tell me... The following morning is when he referred to himself as my boyfriend... 2 days prior, he'd referred to himself as dating me. We NEVER go on dates!! We only have booty calls, and spend the night cuddling. We both date others.


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  • Well, really from what you write here it sounds like you are over thinking this. He was drunk and you really don't have any idea what he was talking about. Counting to four may have been that at that moment he was so drunk he thought he had four testicles. There are so many things that can come out of a drunks mouth and more often than not it really adds up to nothing.

    • Thanks Long John! I do over think.

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