Feeling really bad because of an ex crush...:/?

My Crush hasn't contacted me for a few weeks now, I suppose he deleted me or blocked me for some reason...
he has a girlfriend, and we haven't been intimate, but he pursued me heavily and wanted to meet me to have massages...
as naive as i am , I thought he liked me. When I told him to stop with sexual stuff and to be friends, he kind of accepted it and respected it. Nevertheless, I was stupid enough to tease him from time to time, cause we were too attracted to each other...

I know that he is not treating me how I deserve it and he led me on in the beginning by not telling me about his girlfriend..

I am normally a nice and quiet person, but this guy tunred me into a mess. I am almost getting crazy and tempted to tell his girlfriend about everything. I feel that it will help me to forget about it. I am just mad about myself that I let him emotionally so close to me... I am also so mad at myself that I didn't respect myself more and just stayed away from him... I hate myself for that I really do. I am getting crazy and I feel the only way is to tell her and get my revenge or satisfaction. he will hate me and I will be
i am just so hurt and i feel so stupid for letting it happen... i thought he respected me! to make it clear, i never pursued him, i wanted to establish a friendship, but since we were so attracted to each other, the sexual things just happend (no sex, flirint etc.). He wanted to meet me in private though... i always refused. I can't believe that I was soooo stupid and so indecisive

pleaseee help


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  • Telling her will accomplish nothing. He will counter your claims with reasonings and excuses of his own and she'll believe him before she believes you.

    • I do have written evidence

      you dont think I will feel better? He has hurt me enough, it's time to reverse it...

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    • honestly I dont even care if it ruins his life
      i feel that I have to release my anger somehow
      i feel led on and stupid and insane because of him. he also hurt me and kind of manipulated me. Instead of being a nice guy, he started picking me up with sexual stuff. I didn't bother in the beginning, I just ignored it, but since I thought he was single I thought why not have some flirty fun! Then he tells me about his girlfriend and I got really upset. Also upset, cause I happen only to attract those guys.
      Guys who are messed up, who are liars, who are immature etc. It is my responsibility to react appropriately, but I honestly thought that he was allright, just a little bit young and immature. And people make mistakes... he always contacted me again, but this time it seems that he got over it. After I started to trust him again (kind of as friends)

      i dont know, i am getting mad

    • I think I should stop obsessing, but it's really hard. I want him so badly but at the same time I get angry etc cause he has a girlfriend, but acts as he doesn't...

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