Girls, a girl I am dating doesn't reply my text for 2 days, but on our last date, she showed a lot of interest. What could be the reason?

Hi girls!

I am dating a girl, we had already 3 dates. In all our dates we had a great time. I think we connected very well. We always talked for hours and laught a lot. She als made it clear that she is into me quite a few time.

Now 2 days ago I wrote her a text and she didn't reply yet. I know she has read my text.

Do you think she's not that into me? As in ny chase if I am into a girl, I would reply a text when I read it. Or is that kind if a texting game and I should just wait for her to reply?

I dont want to come of too needy, so I dobt want to send a text again.

Would appreciate some opinions.

Thanks a lot in advance!



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  • hmnn that is tricky personally im polite with texting and always reply within 24 hours to both friends or a guy im dating

    -what did you write in the text message?
    -she could be playing hard to get and wants you to chase her which in that case games suck in the beginning she doesn't wanna seem desperate
    -shes not over her ex or she is not that into you
    -she could be really busy like bad work schedules or just has her period or is exhausted and doesn't feel like talking to anyone or she is sick with a flu

    the only time i didn't reply to the guy i was dating was because our last date was really bad and he pissed me off and i wanted to get over him but i ended up missing him and sent him a letter telling him how i felt on our last date and we made up he said sorry and were back together.

    i say if u dont hear from her by tonight, send another text again may be a funny joke or an open ended question as an ice breaker like hey did u catch the empire episode from the other night or something cause this way she has to reply... and if still u get no response just let her be and move on. dont chase people who dont wanna be chased or like the attention. you can also try calling her and see if she will pick up if its not that awkward for u.

    • Thanks a lot for your respond.

      She actually got on her period on the weekend and got bad stomache pain. So the next day I was asking her how she feels.

      I was thinking about calling her today.

      Maybe I make myself just too many thoughts, but I just dont understand why showing interest and telling me how interested she is and then ignoring me for 2 days.

    • i usually dont text on my period either its an ongoing pain... just call her

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