When lookin at guys what's 3 quality requirmtnts he must have in order to get your number?

It could be anything but just name 3 important things he must have in order to have a shot with you? I'm expecting a lot of you say shit like looks or hight or facial hair or somthin obvious like manners or somthin lol...😏


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, he has to be intriguing. Maybe not what you want me to say, but for me, it's the honest truth. If he comes across generic, I see no point in giving him my number. Might be harsh, but I look for guys who come at me with a unique approach. I'm not saying recite poetry, but try to actually talk to me and show interest in something beyond: "Hey. You're hot. Number pl0x?"

    I obviously have to be attracted to him. I will always look at the face first, since I am pretty forgiving when it comes to body imperfections, but he has to have an attractive face.

    He has to show me enough of his personality for me to have a feel on if we're compatible. I personally go for guys who aren't timid, are personable, and who I am pretty sure aren't just trying to weasel into my pantaloons.


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  • 1. He uses proper grammar. That will already make him stand apart because everyone these days talks like someone who got hit over the head with a hammer.
    2. He's her type physically.
    3. He's funny.


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  • 1. we already know each other
    2. there is some mutual chemistry going on
    3. i am convinced that he isn't a serial killer

  • he be funny, creative, good looking, sweet heart, talent or passionate, love anime!, like rock, play in a band, look like sauske form naurto or like naurto, must always have an open heart, must learn to wait... patients and lots of love makes an apple grow ! I want my green apple!

    • Not trying To get off topic and I'm not trying to hit on you but I like anime a lot too. I especially liked bleach but I'm not sure they're showing it anymore I think they're doing that manga or something

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    • ☝🏽️Gundam wing a little bit but didn't finish it, their was a point where they were air surging on some robotic surf board or somthin but I didn't watch a lot of that either

    • alchemy show yes I have seen ! things that use to come on cartoon network I don't like lol unless its pokemon or naurto... or it has an attractive character... I watch shojo anime mostly I know its cliche!

  • 1. Must have a good sense of humour/up for a laugh.
    2. Polite and well-mannered.
    3. On the same intellectual wavelength as me.

    If he lacks even one of these things, we probably won't work out in the long run.

  • 1. Good Looking/ Presentable that he takes care of himself.
    2. Not a huge "player" ego.
    3. Is nice, funny, and a good smile

  • When a guy can show respect towards you, have intellectual conversations and be fun. And 4! Be honest about your intentions!

  • 1. MONEY
    2. MONEY
    3. MONEY

    • Jk!
      1. Humor
      2. Looks that I find attractive.
      3. A brain

What Guys Said 2

  • 1. She finds him physically appealing
    2. He seems confident
    3. He makes her laugh

    If you can manage 2 and 3, you've done all you can. #1 is entirely up in the air. You can't choose or change what you're attracted to, physically.

  • Well, at least one X chromosome is strongly recommended.


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