Should I give up if I am the only one initiating conversation?

Ok so I met this guy through mutual friends and we seemed to hit it off great. My friend gave his friend my number and we texted and finally hung out. He seemed into me the whole time and even paid for me. At the end he told me not to be a stranger and text him. The next day he texted me saying he had a great time and wanted to hang out again soon. I responded by saying that I had fun too and would love for that to happen. Ever since though I have been the only one initiating and he doesn't always respond. If he does he will just randomly stop. He said he has a big test coming up but this has been going on for three weeks. Do you think he has lost interest and I should move on?
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  • No, he is obviously just busy but is really into you
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  • If he is still interested, he'll contact you. But I wouldn't wait around for this guy.


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