Would loose skin and stretch marks put you off dating someone?

I have lost a lot of weight, about 80 lbs so far, by healthy eating and exercise. I have about another 20lbs left to lose. I have quite a lot of faded stretch marks on my stomach, underarms/side of breasts, and inside of upper arms. I have also got some loose skin on my lower stomach (only noticeable when I lean over) and my upper arms and underarms. The skin on the inside of my upper arms appears slightly wrinkly in certain positions. Would any of this bother you if you noticed them in a potential partner? Should I warn future partners before getting intimate with them? Anyone had any success in tightening their skin?


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  • No, it wouldn't put me off at all. Kudos for losing all that weight! I am pretty sure that your skin will recover slowly, maybe not fully, but enough for it not to show. You are young, and are still well short of that stage in life when loose skin doesn't recover.

    Best NOT to warn them. Better not to bling it to their attention. They will always be looking for it if you do!


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  • It's fine! Do not warn him... I have recently lost 40 lbs and have the same exact issues in the same exact places. I went on a date that got a little steamy I doubt the guy noticed at all even if he did I did not receive one complaint.


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