What now? Why didn't he give a clear answer? Was it a good idea to tell him how I feel?

I told this guy I like him after holding it in soo long. When I told him he smiled an said that's because he's sexy but said he was kidding lol. He asked for how long. Then he told me when he gets his phone. He'd get my number an call me. But he never said he liked me back. So now I'm just thinking does he like me or did I make a mistake. When I told him he said he had no clue. He said I had to much pride to tell him. Actually I'm quite shy but not really around him.


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  • You did exactly right. He might not have considered you girlfriend material but he's thinking about it now

    • He actually flirted with me before. An told me. I was pretty but I just thought he was being nice. Until he started acting really weird. When other guys would try to flirt with me.

    • Its OK to ask how he feels

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