How do I know if the guy I met online is for real?

So I met this guy and he gave me his number. He seemed pretty cool so I started texting him. We've been texting for like a week now. He keeps asking to swap pics with me and I keep stalling cause I wonder what he really wants from this? Like does he really want to get to know me or just judge if I'm hot or not. He made an AIM account when I suggested he make it just so he could talk to me easier which I thought was pretty sweet. And I don't usually give my information to random people online so this is like a big deal for me you know. So I was busy all week and couldn't go online to talk to him until the weekend and so we planned to do it Sunday since he was busy Saturday. And then I asked him if he's given anyone else his number and he said "just 1 other, she's really cool from NC". And so I just kinda stopped talking to him cause I needed to think things over. Then yesterday his schedule cleared and he texted that he was online and we could talk. Does this mean he's really interested in me or just really eager to see my face? And what does he want out of this?

I haven't met this guy in person.
I don't plan on meeting him in person. He's in a different state then me anyway.


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  • Have you actually met him face to face or just online?

    • You should call him and if it doesn't seem right then I would ditch the guy. As for the pic thing, he probably just wants to know what you look like, nothing wrong with that.

What Girls Said 1

  • Ask him to send a pic first, if he's cute send him one. But be very very careful, a lot of these guys are just looking to hook up. What site did you meet him on. Just stick to on line chat or land line chatting for awhile. If you do plan on meeting him in person. Tell a friend his full name, where and when you are meeting and how long you will be, a coffee date

    should be about an hour and make sure you call your friend when your done. You can't be to careful these days. I know your anonymous but it shows you are under 18, I hate to sound like your mother but I wouldn't even risk meeting him in person. The thing about being on line is anybody can be anybody. A 50 year old pervert can pertend to be a nice charming 18 year old, please don't be the next girl we read about in the newspaper.

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