He says he has depression, or is he just fake?

So I met this guy off Badoo which is kind of like tinder and those other dating apps

I met this attractive guy who I talked with a lot. He was very genuine and I could tell he's a good guy. Very poetic and intelligent. Also sporty. He is not a fvckboi and all his social media indicates he is very genuine.

Anyway he gave me his facebook and we chatted off there. I creeped his fb and he had tons of photos of himself and I creeped his friends and there are photos of him on their profiles as well so I knkw he isn't a catfish. He also says he goes to one of the local universities in my town

Although he is very nice, good looking and smart, he says he has clinical depression. He's partially depressed about his ex cheating on him ( she got pregnant with another guy) and I think she's also engaged. He said he's depresses for other reasons as well, so hard he can't get out of bed and shave for a few days.

Anyway he had initiated to hang out before and. The first time he suggested we go to a movie. He says he doesn't have a phone plan right now so he can't text, so we just use messenger. He asked me to the movies one Friday. Then he disappeared for a few hours and didn't respond until the next day ( I was texting him about hanging out and what time to meet at the theatre). He apologized and said he was going through a "depressive episode"

Last weekend he said he wanted to hang out but we never made any real plans and I didn't act on it and decided to just let him hit me up on the weekend, he knows there is a mutual interest and I'm not about to come across as desperate. He didn't make plans with me that weekend, but we chatted a bit

At the beginning of this week he said he wanted to make things up to me and to hang out Friday AKA today. He said he wanted to take me out. We chatted a bit last night and this morning I sent a message saying if we were still going out tonight and no response.
He somehow has the read notification disabled ( I've noticed this from the very beginning of out chatting on messenger) so I can't tell if he saw it. But it said he was active two hours ago. Is he really depressed or just toying with me


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  • I dont know why are you responding any more

    • Cuz I have no one better in my life yet.. wanna give me a better answer

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    • Omg ! He's such a liar he had me fooled

      Apparently he was seeing another girl that night

      I've been played so many times fuck I'm like crying. I know this isn't your concern and your just answering and not expecting all these sub comments but what is wrong with guys these days hinestly

    • Thay are stupid and mean just dont give him the pleasur to make you cry.. You have to be strong and make him know that you can be better without him.. Fuck those guys i hate them

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