My friends with benefits called me his girlfriend... Surely joking?

So we've been friends with benefits for over a year now, we go on dates each week or stay in and chill at his.

he was seeing someone else for about 2 months but that ended (this was around 2 months ago now).

on our way back to his after dinner, we went looking at houses (he's moving out) and we saw one with a garden. He said it would require a lot of maintenance but that's why he had a girlfriend then grabbed my leg. We chuckled and then went back to normal conversation, I think we both realised what he said and chose to avoid it.

about 3 weeks ago we spoke about what we were and agreed we lacked a connection that could let us take it that one step further. But since then we've really opened up to each other and have stated that we can be 100% ourselves around each other and we both make each other feel so calm. Something we don't get with anyone else...

but yeah - public opinion wanted! (I know I should ask him but want your opinions!) thanks gag community!! Xxxxxx
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Just ask him.

    • I will but wanted to se what others thought

Most Helpful Girl

  • According to your details it does not sound like he called you his girlfriend. I don't really see any indication that he wants a relationship from you. Please keep in mind that most men can easily separate sex from emotions.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Your 100% comfortable. Just ask. You two sound cute together


What Girls Said 1

  • Sounds like a freudian slip. That's not really surprising considering you act like boyfriend and girlfriend rather than fwbs.


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