Girl I was trying really hard to distance myself from told me how she feels about me but she's totally out of my league? Is she over me now or what?

We've been talking everyday for the past few months and she's so out of my league I was getting kind of attached but then decided to back off and emotionally distance myself from her. We kept on talking everyday but I toned down the flirting, stopped hanging out with her and started occupying myself with other girls. Well she noticed I've been distancing myself and asked me what's wrong, she said she misses me and the way things were. I didn't know what to tell her so I said I've been going through a bunch of shit at work and having to work overtime (total lie I've been going on dates with other girls) and she said Ok but I could tell she was sad cus she's usually giddy and sends me funny shit all the time, well now she's barely talking to me...

this is the second time it happened last time I cheered her up and made her laugh and everything went back to normal but this time I dunno, it's been a few days she hasn't texted me at all or tried to call or anything. I texted her this morning to ask her how her days going and she texted back one word.

Is she over me?

We hung out 3 or 4 times since we met always some place public she won't go home with me, but I can tell there's lots of sexual attraction and chemistry we made out every time and it always gets super hot and heavy but I just don't see us together she's way too good for me.


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  • Good. Serves you right

    • what did i do wrong? just cus I was distancing myself? everyone does that at some point she's doing it now

    • Good

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