Is he intrested?

I've been talking to someone on fb for à long period i think i have a crash on him we saw each other but we didn't actually met and talk directly "awkward hein? There have been many occassions 4 US to meet but i feel he's not very keen to do it ! Still he gets jealous of my male friends sometimes talk like we are a couple " that's weird hhhh don't judge me ok "


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  • Yes. It may be a little weird talking for a long time but haven't actually met in real person. You should suggest meeting for a date if he not yet asks you for it. OR a Skype chat, it works..


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  • He might just be flirting because its fun. And flirting with someone over fb or any social media doesn't automatically mean that they're totally interested and want to get together :-/

    • Yeah hhhh so i'd better stop thinking about him as a future something he's not that into me obviously hhhhhhhhh

    • Lol. Well you don't necessarily have to cut him off and stuff, just make sure you're not getting too attached if you think he's not interested. But who knows where things could lead? He could come around and tell you he is hahaha

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