My crush asked me to party with him, but I have hardly drank before.. I don't want him to think I'm boring. & I do want to party with him. Any tips?

So there's this dude I'm totally diggin. We hung out only once so far.. we are only friends right now. I can tell he goes slow with things. As do I, so cheers.

Anyways... I ran into him today and he said that we should party sometime together. What does that encompass? I feel out of place because I'm not really huge on drinking at all even though I'm a college student lol. I've never been drunk. Super light weight here. And the thing is.. He thinks I party and drink, and that I'm "cool" in that way.. Not a goody 2 shoes. I honesty do want to party. Let my hair down.. Whatever. But I'm scared if he invites me over or wherever he wants to party that he'll totally be able to tell I have only had alcohol like 5 times in my life (each of which I only felt a slight buzz). I don't want him to think I fibbed to come across as cool either. What do I do? Also, side question.. If he asks me to party with him... Is that what guys ask female friends to do too? Do you think he has more in mind?


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  • All i see are big red flags for potential assault. Your going to hang with a dude you don't really know with his guy friends and get drunk even though you have no experience with alcohol. Are you sure you want to do that? Just tell him if he likes you enough he can accept that, if he doesn't screw him. Plenty of good souls out there

    • Lol no, he's harmless. I mean.. He really is a nice guy. I do want to party with him.. That's the problem. I just don't know how to.

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    • Yeah, I concur with that.

    • I'm glad. Just watch yourself the world can be a dangerous place sometimes. Best wishes to you

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  • I think you should tell him straight up that you don't really drink. If he says, "it's okay you don't have to come" then maybe you could ask him if he wants to hang somewhere else sometime?
    Don't force yourself to try to be cool because you're going to end up being uncomfortable! But if you go, don't feel like you have to drink a lot just to look cool. He should respect your decision if he's interested and wants to take things slow :)


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  • Go hang out and don't drink too much. At most you shoulhave is 3 shots id if you can handle that. And try to stick with the more clear alcohol just in case someone tries to slip you somethisomething.

  • You shouldn't go if you know yourself can't drink. Some guys are thinking to get laid if you're drunk so be careful of it.

  • Hmmmm. How old are you?


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