Potential girlfriend on Tinder, red flag?

Been talking ot his girl for about 2 months now, we haven't officially called each other boyfriend and girlfriend, though she aclles me babe, and we text everday and see each other at least 4 times a week. Now as of late i've been busy with school, my friend saw that she is on tinder and active, posting pics and matching with people. Is this a red flag? like she says she likes me so much but she's on a dating site. What should I do, this has kind of turned me off the whole wanting to date her thing.
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  • No big deal (not official so technically not wrong)
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  • She thinks you're not interested, so if you are, tell her. otherwise you're gonna get friend zoned. hard.


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  • You both are hanging out casually if exclusivity topic has not been brought up, so it's not a red flag at this moment.


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  • If you don't like it, then ask her to be exclusive with you


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