When a guy says my trying to figure him out is making him want to distant himself, is he done or can I salvage our relationship?


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  • Its normal to want to know all about a person, how they think and why when in a romantic relationship. My question is what is he trying to hide. Since he isn't comfortable with you knowing him tells me he doesn't like or trust you enough to let you know. This one is going nowhere

    • It seems as if he felt that I wasn't staying in the moment and getting to know him because I was always questioning his intent.

  • What do you try to say? Is it you want him to be exclusive with you?

    • Not that I necessarily am looking to be exclusive at this point. I wanted to determine if he had actual intentions of getting to know me for the purpose of a possible relationship or just a sexual "hook up"

    • for me, if im plainly looking for short term relationship+hook up, i will say, ''im just dating casually/to see how it goes.''

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