When he sets his profile to public, after having it private? Easy Q! Help?

So, we ended badly and split up. We were both hurt and angry, which led to me going off on one and deleting/blocking him on Facebook.

This all happened in April. It's now November. And I felt after all this time, I could unblock him and maybe talk again.

I haven't re-added him as a friend or anything. But since 2 weeks ago when I unblocked him, I notice he's set his proud to public, so that anyone can see his posts.

We've been texting a little bit and he's friendly enough when he sees me around usually.

Why would he make the profile public once he realised I'd unblocked him again?
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By profile, I'm meaning on Facebook by the way.


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  • What's to say he didn't set it to public before you unblocked him? If you had him blocked there was no way to tell when he changed his privacy settings

    • Friends were able to check. Also, when I first unblocked him? His profile was private until a few days later... when I think he noticed I'd unblocked him. Can't think of any other reason for him making it public all of a sudden.

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    • Thank you young Lady

    • Very welcome :) :)

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