Why did this guy make this comment to me?

It was my first date with a guy the other day. Everything went well during our date and as we were saying goodbye and I went to get my coat, I checked my phone to see if my mother had called or texted me.

Anyway, the guy walks into the room and says "oh, is it your mom again?" I told him that it was just a friend. He then goes "that's a bit too late for a friend to be texting.."

Why would he be making a comment like that? I wasn't glued to my phone or anything like that and hardly looked at it until I was leaving.


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  • I would guess that he was nervous about it being a first date and he probably regretted saying that as soon as the words escaped from his mouth. I would cut him some slack and see how the next date works out, assuming that there is a next date.

    • do you think that he sounds a bit possessive or like the jealous type though?

    • Possibly. I considered that, and certainly you should be on the lookout for other behavior of that type. But I also think that it could have been a spontaneous comment, nothing more than the first thought that he had.

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  • Ew he sounds a bit too controlling. Pass.

    • He was even looking over my shoulder when I was texting my mom.

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  • He thinks your texting another guy. If its 2am and you said your mom is texting. you i wouldn't believe you. The only people who will text you late at night is a significant other or a hookup or something like that

    • I did tell him that I lived at home and he was reading over my shoulder when I was texting my mom. But didn't check my phone again until I was leaving and the text had been sent before 2 am.

    • Well he's not going to know all that. he's thinking a lot simpler. Like its really late someone is texting her. So its either an ex or a hookup.

  • I think he's being needy and insecure. Someday, he will find a way to lock you down. Be careful, I would suggest you to date other guys. Many choices out there you just need to take your time to observe.


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