Why did a girl pull a 180 on me after weeks of great chemistry, great sex, and fun?

So a girl I have been friends with for about 4 years now started flirting with me and giving me signals. So I pursued it and we had sex and ended up both really liking each other. Not officially dating but more or less. We were hanging out 4-5 nights a week. Chemistry was on point, the sex was some of the best I've had. You know when it just clicks. She said "I really like you, its so annoying!" multiple times. Things were great and cool. I had 0 expectations. But out of literally nowhere when I asked her to hang out one night she said she wouldn't be able to for the next few days. And then proceeded to tell me this was freaking her out and she didn't want to keep doing what we were doing. She wanted to see me, but no a lot? wtf... anyway i actually didn't like her the way i thought she liked me and bc I really liked her as a friend I wasn't going to be an asshole and just stop talking to her. Over time though I realized oh I think I do like her. Literally like the day after this realization dawned on me she pulled this shit. It pisses me off. Any advice, explanations would be appreciated.


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  • Sometimes people want to cool things down, you mentioned you guys seeing 4-5 nights per week which is quite a lot for me in my humble opinion. I would suggest you to do nothing at this point. If she normally texts you all day long and suddenly cease it. Wait for a full week, and then start reaching back to her, ''hey.. how's it going'' to analyze her interest level again


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