So there's this guy?

So there's this guy! And there's been this guy for about two years! I need help! I don't know what to do now.

So about 2 years ago... I was asked out by this guy! I turned him down because it caught my off guard. Because he asked me to go to a wedding! I felt terrible and I still feel terrible and regret!

So... after that happened I saw him again maybe 1-2 weeks later. And I started talking to him about how I feel like I was a jerk for turning him down. I really didn't mention anything about us getting together or doing anything. I thought I would have another chance...

so like 3 weeks later this guy comes into where I work (that's how I met let's call him Sam.) I found out that it was Sams brother. Well, me and Sams brother started talking. He came in all the time and eventually told me that Sam had to leave and go back to his home town!

Well, after him coming in for like 3 months and after I kept asking him about Sam! He told me Sam was coming back! Well, another 3 months go by and I didn't see the brother... well, he comes in one day and nothing was said... I was busy I was a cashier and I had a line and he didn't buy anything so I was unable to ask.

Its the been a year and I have heard anything else I haven't seen either of them! I wrote a letter to guy! I have no idea if he got it or not. He doesn't have a phone! I don't know if his brother told him I was asking about him!

I feel eel like I should be over it but I'm not. I'm just lost at what I should do next. I've been waiting. And I just don't want the answer to be no. Until I hear him tell me to leave him alone! I know he has to know I like him unless the brother just wasn't telling him about me.

I know this is super long... but, please read it! And please help me.


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