Girls, what determines the length of a man's "leash"?

Basically how can one man get away with one thing but another man get cut off for doing the same thing?

Example I'm dating a girl for a few months she finds out I'm cheating or i cheated based off evidence. .. she deletes me from existence every picture every memory gone gone gone in stag ram , everything I no longer exsist.. she tweets emotional shit but eventually recovers months later. .

Guy 2 meets the same girl months later they begin "dating" or "talking" for a month or so.. the guy sleeps with another girl she finds out gets pissed for 1 day then they have make up sex and it's all good...

How? How does one man have a longer leash or more room for error?
I'm trying to understand this.


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  • Levels of trust, etc.

    • what do you mean?

    • How much one trusts one's boyfriend informs how much leeway he's given.

      Or, in the above case, she's given up and expects that she's going to be cheated on because she thinks no one will ever value her again if she demands respect from her partners.

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  • Simple, she wants him more than you. You weren't special enough for her to overlook the bad.


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