How long should you?

How long should you try to get a guys attention... if you don't know if he knows you like him! Like you don't have a way of really getting in touch with him. When you give up? Should you keep trying and hoping he might find out?


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  • You should ask him out the most TWICE to see whether he's interested at you. You may do it indirectly, ''hey.. i just wonder if we can grab a drink sometime, i would like to see u again.'' If you think it's too forward for you


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  • Why can't you just talk to him?

    • So about 2 years ago... I was asked out by this guy! I turned him down because it caught my off guard. Because he asked me to go to a wedding! I felt terrible and I still feel terrible and regret!

      So... after that happened I saw him again maybe 1-2 weeks later. And I started talking to him about how I feel like I was a jerk for turning him down. I really didn't mention anything about us getting together or doing anything. I thought I would have another chance...

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    • Complicated. I'd say give up. If you've heard nothing it doesn't sound like he's interested. I'm sure he got your letter

    • Okay...(sigh) thanks...🙁☹🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁🙁😢😢😢😢😢

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