Are we heading towards a relationship or am I overthinking it?

so me and this guy met last weekend at my friends party at her house. he is roomates with one of her friends. we instantly hit it off. we ended up holding hands and getting very comfortable with each other that night, but he didn't even kiss me. he's a senior and I'm a sophomore. we hung out at alone for the first time this weekend. we watched netflix and football in his bed all night and all we did was cuddle, holding hands. he didn't try anything on me. then he drove me home and said bye and i said bye and stared at him because i wanted a kiss. he kissed me and offered to drive me and my sister back over break. is this heading towards a relationship? I really like him because we have so much in common. he always brings up things i told him and he remebers a lot of things about me I never feel like he just wants to hve sex with me and i feel so comfortable with me. I also have been friends a while. he seems like a good guyand he is such a gentlemen with me. I know we have only hung out once but i feel a strn connection already. HE IS SO NICE TO ME! any advice? how long should i wait until we become officia or at least move towards that? have never been in a relationship before so I don't really know how this works lol


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  • You've to be the one bring it up if you genuinely want to be official. There're some guys, just like me are playing the field dating multiple women. You've to clarify that you want him just for yourself. But it may seem like a bit quick because u both been hanging out for only TWICE?

  • Yes, you are overthinking it. Most likely he wants a relationship, if he didn't then he would most certainly be leading you on.


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