Why do so many people disapprove of steroids?

This is what most people on steroids look like. I don't understand what the issue of a small dosage of anabolic steroids at some point in your life. You take the stuff you grow then you get off and let your body recover with a couple of other drugs. You aren't going to die.. You aren't going to have roid rage. It's crazy how many people think steroids are so terrible. Every fitness model is on it. Every athlete at a professional level has taken it.

Why do so many people disapprove of steroids?

Not everyone on steroids looks like this.

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  • The second guy's face and neck don't match his body. Like him without the muscles would be so cute.

    • Lol that's Jeff Seid. Every girl drools over him

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    • Pshh I feel like if you saw it in real life you would. I don't know so many girls say this yet when a buff guy takes off his shirt at the beach all eyes are on him.

    • how are you supposed to snuggle up to that though? it would be like laying on a rock. I don't mean I like guys who are twice my size, but a little squish is what i prefer.

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