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So I'm 20 and going through a weird phase. Background;I have never been in a relationship before because I never felt the need to be in one. I also wasn't around a lot of guys really so opportunity was limited. Of course I did have a few crushes here and there and that would eventually die off.

Right now I seem to be going through an odd situation. there's a guy in my class who I think is starting to like me. Maybe it's all in my head and I'm overanalysing but he is showing the typical signs ;lingering around where I am, constantly staring , locking eyes with me, making sure he is where I am etc.
I started liking him a few months ago , this was solely based on physical attraction because we don't speak so I don't know his personality.

The thing is I can't tell if I like him , LIKE him or just like him because I feel like I *have* to like him.(I hope that makes sense). At 20 I do feel behind on relationships & I can't get that *I should've had my first relationship by now* thought out of my mind. At first I undoubtedly thought I liked him but now im not so sure. I know you can find somebody attractive and not like them (want to know them better, eventually want a relationship with them). Im wondering if that is the case here? Lately he looks scruffy, will wear the same outfit for about 3 days and misses quite a few classes. I don't know if he is going through a tough time. What initially attracted me to him was the pride he took in his appearance (his looks basically as shallow as that sounds. As I have said , I don't speak to him therefore cannot comment on his personality. We have never spoken despite being in the same class.

Now I just don't know what im feeling tbh or even what to do. I feel like we'll be playing this eyeing game for the next 6+ months.

Thoughts/Advice all welcome!!:)

PS there maybe a few typos, I was in a hurry.


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  • Maybe you should continue play the eyeing game and hope that someday he will come and be a boss talking to you.


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  • So what exactly is your question?
    We are not mind readers, and know one can tell you how you feel. Only you can determine if you like someone or not.
    That being said it seems like you might be interested. My advice would be to talk to him, and get a conversation going to get to know one another. Next hang out, if your both uncomfortable being alone with each other go out with friends. There are positives and negatives to having others around but just have to make it work. Once you have talked and hung out a few time you should know how you feel, and if you want to go further in the relationship.


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