Guys With Set Routines: How To Become a Part of His Routine?

I've been dating this introverted Capricorn guy for a couple months. While he makes an effort to spend time with me, it's generally on his schedule. Once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. He's got a routine and things go according to his plan. So anytime I initiate a date idea, I kinda get the, "we'll see," response. It's frustrating because it seems like he's not into me, but I know he is. With him being introverted, he seems disinterested in texts, etc. In person, he's affectionate, etc. I'm losing my mind over this hit and cold mess!

I'm just wondering, will he open up more to me with time and let me in? I want to be more involved in his life, but for now I feel like I have to 'fit within his schedule'.


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  • when is he usually free?

    • He currently works 7 days a week (8 to 6), whereas I work your typical 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. Generally we hang out either on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night. We live further away from each other, and he's been coming to see me within this past month (that shows sone effort).

      The problem is that, because he's all about order and planned things, I feel like I'm not much of a priority. It's been a couple months, so it still may take time. But he's been hot and cold.

      He's an introvert, and based on what I've read and other stories, they can seem hot and cold and distant, but that doesn't mean they don't care about you. I don't know if he thinks about me, she if he does, he doesn't make the effort to text me just to say hi. It's frustrating.

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