Guys I have a question for you, please can you help?

Me and this guy are long-distance, I am going to see him tomorrow, he asked me tonight, what time I will arrive, I said around 13.30pm , he replied saying really day time? I said yes, he responded with I thought you have late arrival. He was out last night and messaged me while he was out, said, he felt a bit bored, so decided to go out tonight, I'm thinking about you darling, he continued to message me, we talked for about 1 hour

Is he definitely into me Guys?
and if so how into me does he seem to you guys?


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  • Yeah, it does look like he's into you. I'm almost certain about it.

    About how much he is into you... can't really say for sure unless you both actually meet up in person and see if there is chemistry.

    • We have met before in person

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    • You're most welcome! Just doing my bit! :)

    • It's much appreciated

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  • How can we know based on ONE message?
    We don't know you... the person you're seeing... and what you are like together.
    Though messaging you when he's bored doesn't sound too good. You should be a priority, not an option. But then again, he's messaging you while he's out with his friends thinking about you there with him and talking to you for a good while...

    I don't know. We can only look at this situation objectively.
    You're the one in the relationship.
    Ask yourself & trust what comes to you through your gut.
    Questions like "How do I feel about this guy? Is this what I want?" etc & trust.. don't second guess what comes to you.
    At the end of the day.. You of all people know what is right for you.

    • No I think you misunderstood, he was bored being in the house for 2 days, so decided to go out, but was thinking about me,

    • Well then, you clearly already know the answer -.- So annoying how you and many people on this site look for validation when they should trust themselves as they clearly already know. If they didn't know, they would consider the possibilities of what others objectively see. It seems that anything that goes against what the asker has written down, they kick up about or throw off as inaccurate. And it's ALWAYS about what they want to hear. It's so ridiculous. You're 30-35.. trust yourself instead of wasting my time for an answer you already have.

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  • He is into you but by reading this i don't think it is THAT much. Talk to him more , be a little flirty , keep eye contact and don't start any boring topics. Keep him interested by asking รค few questions and share interests and be yourself. DO NOT be fake. I hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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