Guys, how do you get throught rejection, what keeps you motivated to keep moving foward?

So I am 24 years old, grew up really shy and not confident whatsoever. Over the years I gained the confidence and but I am still a little shy. Due to that, my dating life is almost non existant. Basically I am a late bloomer, I have been asking women out, but for me, it's hard to meet a girl that has mutual interest. And with that, a lot of rejection has been going on. Now, I don't give off the "Im a fuckboy" vibe or a "player" vibe too. I only have been told that I have a real confident demeanor. The rejection absolutely sucks, I am finding it difficult to meet a girl with mutual attraction, hobbies, goals and values, etc. What helps you get past it, move forward, and try to meet someone else?


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  • The point that there 8 billion people on this rock gives me a confident hope for the future. Or in this case your future I got my girl. all's I had do was totally destroy my life and turn it around and start living for others rather my selfish wants.
    Hopefully you are young enough that you don't have to go through all that turmoil before you find exactly what you desire.
    same advice i would give someone that is going through a break up i will give to you. before I do though. the reason why everybody gets the same advice is because it works and has been working long before i figured it out and even before I was born or even my parents.. getting the hint? Don't buck the system that designed to fulfill your dreams no matter what they are.

    Ok here it is: STOP LOOKING for IT !

    You should however thourally think and ask yourself (your CREATOR) what you are truly desiring. be careful what you ask for, I didn't see anything about desiring love are you sure you want to leave that out?

    Ok next is believe with all your heart that this is going to happen in a POSITIVE manner. ex: I want a crisp fresh apple. do NOT: i sure hope i don't get a rotten apple. this example is very important you draw what you think , even though in your mind it is the same it is drawing negativity that spawns negativity.
    i can see that by your setup on what you desire you are drawing the results you posses right at this very moment.
    and lastly: receive what you desire deep in your soul by knowing it , pretending what you will say to her and what you'll do together , posses those thoughts of you two together. Even if it hasn't arisen yet just know with blind Faith that you will be fulfilled.
    by doing this you have just been given the secret to success. your welcome

    keep in mind do not look for (her) it. just faithfully believe and she will cross your path in the effortless of connections.
    Your Welcome

    • That was some amazing advice, I will keep this in mind a lot more. And I will definitely not keep a negative mindset while I am accomplishing my dreams and goals. It just sucks sometimes seeing couples especially around campus, and I myself has never really experienced that before. But, in my opinion there are reasons for everything, and I want to keep a positive mindset.

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    • Thank you for for your response i sincerely hope all goes well for you. Another piece of advice is I am my own worst enemy. I start wanting something to prosper before it comes to me , so learning a great deal of patience is key. Think of your idea as a seedling planted in the soil. when I water it and keep it in the sun to grow, I know I am doing the right things to help it along. but if I get frustrated while waiting for it I stomp on the ground crushing it just before it was ready to sprout out and prosper. lol So keep positive and always always keep believing.

      ps: this works for everything ! not just love. but keep focused on what you want the most first. keep in mind that your life may take some new paths while this is prospering to have you cross paths with it.

    • I will definitely keep this on my mind. But the only problem I have, is that whenever I say I am going to stop looking, it doesn't last very long and I am back at square 1. This it needs to be real cause there are so many things I want to accomplish and be able to do.

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  • For me it took me years to find the one, one thing that helps is your friends. When one of us gets rejected we throw a party, our parties end up with us breaking or burning things but then again I'm a kid so its normal. When my friend got dumped by his girlfriend 6 months, we went to a Slipknot concert. My point is to just get together with your friends and have fun. To find women first tip don't go to the bar unless you want some of that pussy. Go to the place you feel that is you, so any hobbies you have just do that. Last resort is online dating which is normal so don't feel asamed about it. Good luck Bro

  • What is a fuck boy vibe?


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