GaG, explain this to me?

Fat guys have to deal with their rejection from women, but fat girls think men should love them for who they are.

... what?


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  • Such a hypocrital and true statement. I see this so often and it really bothers me. If you are a fat woman and want a man to love you for who you are than you shouldn't sit there and judge men due to their weight.
    And women, stop being hypocritical. Men have "self image" issues as well. Therefore your statements about "Well women have had self image issues for years and should be fat shamed" is just being sexist.


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  • I think it has something to do with all the female beauty campaigns in the media. Beauty products are typically targeted at women, and so there sprung campaigns for women to show them that they don't have to look like models to be beautiful.

    I HAVE seen similar campaigns for men, but they are much more rare and usually aren't led by big beauty companies with tons of funding.

    Men and women both get rejected for being fat. You just see more body positivity campaigns run for women than for men because of the reasons I said above. We are constantly being bombarded with messages saying that every body is beautiful and lovable, but most of the time, it is only women that are repretsented. I don't think it makes it any less true for men though, and id love to see more body positive campaigns for men. We are just as insecure as women about our bodies, I think.


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  • I (fat girl) never said that! I want a man to love me! I never said anything about Fat guy!


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