Guys, When a guy does the following.. does it mean he likes you?

There's this boy named Tye. He's really weird. I ain't good at reading guys body language so excuse me. Anyways, he rides my bus and we are the same age. He jokingly (well at least I think so) licks his lips while looking at me and I just laugh and say we and he laughs. There's this boy named Justin who's younger than me and Tye. He kept saying Tye was his daddy.. I don't know. Then he called me his mommy. And I'm like no. And Tye's like no. Then Justin's like.. "But that's not what I heard last night. I heard daddy (moaning) and mommy (moaning). We're both 15(me and Tye) and I'm kinda a prude. So... this was uncomfortable. so I turned it into a joke saying we we're playing yahtezee. Tye was just like " you heard that too?" and he was laughing..

And on the bus the other day he was like "can I sit over there with you?" And whenever Justin was like "you're totally hitting on her" he got really defensive about it..

And in class I kept bearing his highscore and he said jw was gonna turn off my computer so he attempted to but all he was doing was grabbing my hands.. what does all this mean?


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  • You'll never know if you don't ask. If he say's no and you never talk to each other again, was he really worth being friends with in the first place?

  • Nope. He probably is just weird.


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