Told her I was thinking of her. Too soon?

Already asked her out on a first date to get to know one another. She's obviously is into me, like touching my arm when saying good bye after i asked her to coffee. And she responds super well over text like details.
Tonight after texting for awhile. I said I was thinking of her. She asked why and I said cause it'd be fun if she was around when I was with her friends. (Lots of other stuff we talked about that in not including) she didn't respond to that part of the text but still was responsive.
Did I reveal to much to quickly? Or make her smile?


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  • No, it's great that you said that and expressed something sentimental. It frustrates a lot of women that men don't say things like that.


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  • Guys are logical. We appreciate the facts. However, women are the opposite, they prefer games and innuendo.

    For example. Say you see a gorgeous woman in the supermarket, how should you let her know you think she's looking sexy in the dress? Tell her "you're looking sexy in that dress"? Absolutely not.

    You should tease. You could walk up and say:

    You: Excuse me, can you tell me which aisle pet food is in?
    Her: Sorry, I don't know. I don't work here.
    You: Are you sure? You're dressed like you work here.
    Her: No I'm not!
    You: Well I just say a guy stocking the shelves in the aisle over there wearing that exact same dress.

    Of course she knows you're joking. Obviously she's not dressed like an employee of the store. She can read between the lines and knows you're talking to her because you found her to be attractive, but the playful way you went about it lets her spend her time thinking about it which will cause her to grow more attracted to you and desire your presence.

    Never compliment a woman directly unless you are already getting it from her. For example, don't tell her she looks beautiful unless she dressed up for you, ie she dressed up for your date with her. Don't tell her she has soft lips unless you're making out with her. Even then, the directly compliments should be rare. Women want you to express your attraction to them with action, not words. If you find her attractive don't talk about it, do something about it, kiss her.

    Sorry for getting a little off track, hope you learned something, but in regards to your specific situation, stop texting her! Tell her something along the lines of "I'm really busy right now but I'd like to out if you're as fun as you are cute. Let me know what evenings you have free and we can get to know each other better". The more you tell her about you, the less curious she's going to be and the less likely she's going to ever go out with you.


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