I want more than just for him to be my date for the night and to hook up. How do I give the right impression?

I am interested in more than just a fun night with this guy.

I have a semi formal Friday night with this really awesome guy. I met him in the beginning of the year trough my cousin, who he is pretty good friends with. And he set him up to be my date for Friday night. I didn't want the first time I saw him again to be that night, so I asked him to coffee that we set for yesterday. I decided 11 am would be a good time to go because It would leave me an hour to talk and a reason to leave on a good note if it went well and to leave him "wanting more." I had class at 12. It went super well! He is definitely the first guy in a long time i instantly felt this way towards. I really was impressed with him, more than I remembered back about 8 weeks ago. He was super sweet, had lots of things to say, and told lots of stories in an impressive, but humble way. Basically he is perfect (lol), and I am very interested in taking this further. I don't want to screw it up: Semi formals, or any greek life event including dates, are always HUGE hookup fests. I have been told so many times that that isn't the way to show a guy you are interested in him more than just for that night. How should I behave to make sure he doesn't get the wrong impression? What if he goes in for a kiss or a makeout sesh? Basically, how do I pin this one down? How do i get another date? He's a definite keeper.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Lol all I got from this story is that this guy is soo perfect so you need to make him wait for sex, whereas if he wasn't so perfect you wouldn't have any problems sleeping with him. So there you have it men, don't come off too perfect

    • lol yeah you interpreted that whole thing wrong.

    • That's what it seems like. This guy is so perfect so he needs to wait longer, as apposed to a guy that isn't so perfect. Then women wonder "where are all the gentlemen?"

What Girls Said 1

  • Make him work for it. If you come off as "easy" he may think that you are like that with other guys.


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