How to get over a physical flaw that prevents me from dating?

I'm almost 21 years old and never had a girlfriend. Never even kissed a girl apart from on the cheek or forehead.

I need to get braces because some of my teeth are crooked. Looking in the mirror, most of them are not bad at all. I take good care of my teeth and get them cleaned at the dentist regularly. They are white and healthy and the only thing is that I have some crowding on the bottom and one crooked tooth up top. There are definitely much more worse cases that I've seen.

My teeth make me not want to smile too much and that becomes a problem when I'm talking to girls more intimately. But I simply cannot figure out why it bothers me so much. I feel like I can't look too bad if I have female friends who still kiss me on the cheek and like to set me up with their friends.

I mean at one point recently I was scared on picking a college major and so I took some extra classes and "just did it." Now I have an idea on what I'm doing with my life. I was unhappy with my body appearance so I took the burden head on and worked out to the point of being happy with my body. I didn't have many friends when I first started college and so for once I put myself out there and got a great group of friends.

So why can't I look past this flaw? I know if it we're someone else with my same teeth It wouldn't bother me. It's like my emotional insecurity is preventing me from physically smiling to convey emotion which I feel is a very important part of human interaction.

I'm currently out of school and working as the program I want to be in is full. So I started working and my health insurance won't kick in for another six months. I have to wait it out because seven thousand dollars is too much for me to drop right now.

I know I want a relationship. Most of my friends are in relationships and it bothers me when I see people together and I don't have that.

You're over-reacting, Just do it!
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You need straight teeth, wait it out.
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SO: any tips on how to get over this? this has been a problem for me all my life and I can't wait to finally do something about it. As much as I want to wait it out, I know I don't want to wait any more years to get into dating.
How to get over a physical flaw that prevents me from dating?
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